The following story was written in 1986 and published in the second of my two fanzines dedicated to the roles of John Karlen.  It's quite long, and I've done the same thing with it that I did with "Best Man...."—broken it up into chapters, and in this one, parts also.

There is a little profanity in it, so be warned, and some mild PG-13 bits, but nothing too exciting!  ; )  But there are some violent scenes, so if you're squeamish, be warned!

Also, when I wrote this, I had never seen any of Dark Shadows past where the local station airing the reruns left off, which was in the Leviathan period before Jeb Hawkes arrived.  I had never seen the rest of that, Parallel Time, 1840 or anything else, hence, there are no references to those periods when, if I was writing it today, I might put in.  (Mainly because, for the first time, I've seen what I missed—1840 was great, and I loved it!)  To minimize errors, I had to go on what people told me about Willie and his fiancé.  Now, having seen what little there was to that, I can see I was okay with that part. (At least I was until I wrote Summer's Son!) Anything else, any glaring omissions, I apologize to you for right now!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three