Below are a few links you might find useful.


The Willie Loomis List - This is the Yahoo Groups email discussion list created by Sandy. It is, of course, dedicated to our boy. If you join, you'll have access to links for more fiction, pictures, and past and present discussions.

Willie Loomis Saves Collinsport - Sara's site is not to be missed for any Willie or DS fan! She's has more than a bit of everything from animations, quotes, and video captures, to lots of great links, videos, and useful info for Willie fans, such as list of episode numbers, and other appearances. There's more, too, and done with Sara's wonderful sense of humor. Be sure to check out her Blingee Shadows for a laugh!

Dark Shadows Frequently Asked Questions Homepage - This site has so many DS links, you could spend all day looking at them. And it has those FAQ's, too. You just have to get past the eye-killing bright green background, and all the pop-ups.

Inside the Old House - This is the site for Dale Clark's fanzine Inside the Old House. (I'm not sure how long it's been up.)

Inspector Javert Appreciation Page - My Les Misérables page with pictures, fan fiction and more.

Notre-Dame de Paris - My tribute to Victor Hugo's other well-known work and the productions it inspired.

Pit and the Pendulum - Probably the only one of its kind on the web! This is my newest site, dedicated to the 1961 AIP film directed by Roger Corman and starring Vincent Price and John Kerr. I have pictures, commentary and fan fiction! (A novella I wrote to follow up after the film ends.)

Dark Shadows Merchandise - Right now we have Collinwood luggage tags and tote bags, both with lovely pictures of Seaview Terrace on them. Click the link for details.

My LiveJournal blog - I don't update this as often as some people do theirs, but it's where you can read what I'm up to.