Announcing KarlenZine VI!

At long last the 6th volume of work dedicated to the roles of John Karlen is ready for sale. Spanning the DS time periods, there is something about all of John’s Dark Shadows characters, but the majority are about Willie.

Included are the final Gina Lee stories by the late N.J. Nidiffer, poetry by E. DeJesus and Cherie Groves, other stories by N.J. Nidiffer, Janet Carlson, Cherie Groves, J.L. Miser, and myself, and a new series begun by N.J. Nidiffer and completed by me.

There is also an artwork gallery with the pieces by Cherie and Janet. It’s another big zine, but thanks to a fantastic find of a printer, I did not have as big a price increase as I was afraid of. Considering its size (only KZ III is longer) I was still able to keep the price under KZ III’s. See the Fanzines page for details.

I'd also like to point out that are limited quantities left of the KarlenZines that I print, some more than others. If you've been putting off ordering, you might want to look at these numbers:

     KZ III  — Out of Print
     KZ IV  — 7 good ones, 10 damaged ones left
     KZ V   — 12 left

I would not go so far as to say hurry and get one before they're gone, but if you've been thinking about ordering, sooner would be better than later. I currently do not have plans to reprint KZ III. This was the 2nd printing already.

I've begun the work of prepping my DS universe sequel—Summer—for publication. I’ll be selling this one myself, and need to get an idea of how many to print. It’s a direct sequel to “Spring” but draws from a number of other stories I’ve written (Summer’s Son, “Long Winter. . . .”, etc.—there will be a list in the book, including where you can find them). It’s 238,400 words (so quite long), and will also be coil bound.

If you think you will buy one, please email me. I have no idea what the demand might be, so this will help a little. The price will probably be somewhere in the mid-20s, but it’s way too early to tell exactly.

The Zine Disaster deals are still available.

Due to a household equipment malfunction, some of the issues of KarlenZine IV have become water damaged. (The air conditioner condensation overflow pipe got stopped up and flooded the closet where the zines were stored in their boxes.) This happened in the summer, and was only discovered when I smelled mildew in the closet.

The end result is damaged zines, some badly so. I have ranked them according to their level of damage and discounted them appropriately so that my misfortune might be your good fortune.

Level 1 — slight water damage (page) warping
2 copies 15% off $21.70
Level 2 — some water damage warping with slight discoloration from mold
4 copies 25% off $19.50
Level 3 — some water damage warping and torn or ragged cover edge in one spot near the binding
2 copies remaining 50% off $14.00
Level 4 — considerable water damage warping, and a lot of discoloration from mold
2 copies remaining 75% off $8.50

(Prices include $3.00 for shipping.)

The text is not affected or smeared by the damage, only the paper it is printed on is affected. The books are just not as pretty as they should be! So now is your chance to get a KarlenZine IV cheap! Pendulum Press' loss could be your gain. Go to the Fanzines page for details on how to order.

And don't forget we have mint condition copies of the zine, which is described on the Fanzines page.

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