Two outcasts, brought together by fate.
One cursed and full of hate.
The other a slave,
That was very brave.
A cane
That brought horrible pain.
That one would have to overcome,
Before the setting of the sun.
And somehow a bond grew,
Through the pain that he knew.
Through the beatings and the bruises,
A great friendship grew.
Both cast out from the "good guys" side,
One forced in the darkness forever to hide.
For an eternity alone is worse then death,
But an eternity of trust is more precious than life.
And somehow they found this, through the tears and the pain,
They realized that they had one thing to gain.
A friendship, a bond, a trust of one another.
And each found that, in a way, they were a reflection of each other.
Slave and master?
Or true friends, forever after.
—A poem for Willie and Barnabas

"The Hidden Hero"
Deep inside Barnabas's terrified slave,
There was a hero, strong and brave.
Though fear often overcame him,
I couldn't kill the courage within him.
And when Barnabas would try to kill,
The courage would be with him still.
No matter the pain,
From a certain wolfhead cane.
Cast out from the "others",
And forced to face a friendless world alone,
He had only one thing to give,
Only one reason to live.
To find the courage deep within him,
And somehow erase Barnabas's evil sins.
Beaten and bruised,
And always accused,
He somehow found his courage,
Fighting against Barnabas's rage.
He was banished as a zero,
And returned to find,
The hidden hero.
—A Poem For Willie Loomis, The Unsung Hero Of Dark Shadows
"Courage of the Soul"
Find the courage,
And stand strong.
Don't follow the path that's wrong.
Keep your dreams alive inside,
And put all your fears aside.
You can overcome your fears.
So, come on, wipe away your tears.
Heros come and heros go,
So, just hold on and don't let go.
You can find your hero too,
Hidden deep inside of you.
So, don't let go and don't give up,
And, you will see,
So, don't let go and don't give up,
And, you will be,
A hero, so strong and true,
So, keep your dreams and follow through,
Find the courage and be true,
And you will find the hero in you.


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