As you can see, there are not a lot of links here. Most of these are for my other pages as I could find no other "fan" sites about this movie. If I ever do, I'll add them to this list.

John Kerr Website - This is Minae's definitive site on John Kerr.  Lots of great information, including a chronology of his career, an essay he wrote for the site, some great pictures, and more!
Internet Movie Database Review - Well, this is one is obvious but about the best I could find to do with this movie.

Inspector Javert Appreciation Page - My Les Misérables page with fan fiction, commentary and pictures from the musical.


Notre-Dame de Paris - My tribute to Victor Hugo's other well-known work and the productions it inspired, with commentary and pictures.


Willie Loomis Tribute Page - My page dedicated to the memorable character from the old Gothic soap, Dark Shadows. Here I have pictures, fan fiction and more.