Before you read "Out of the Pit" you should know a little about the "prologue" that inspired it. If you like this film and haven't bought the DVD, you should because the quality is excellent, and if you have, then likely you've seen the prologue.

In this short feature, which takes place after the movie, we see Catherine Medina discovering herself locked up in practically a dungeon of a mental asylum. This is in the year 1546, so you can imagine that we are not talking white walls and linoleum here.

Incidentally, Catherine seems a little less refined and dainty in this.
She finds her roommate singing a lullaby to a doll as if it were a real baby. She keeps hearing this laugh, which sounds very much like Vincent Price's, and goes on a search to find out where she is. She follows the laugh, calling out for Nicholas (she must be confused, because she knows he's dead), and ends up in a common room, where it becomes rapidly apparent that the people there are insane. She tells them that everything she said was true.
The prologue ends with a nightmarish melee with Catherine at the center being harassed by the other inmates. Of course, we know she's not insane, and if you've NEVER seen this movie, you should watch it before reading this story.

This story takes place several months after the movie ends.

I would like to thank Armando, my Spanish reader, for his marvelous suggestions about various things Spanish in the story. I've done some revisions based on his input, and I think the story is better for it. Thank you, Armando!


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