Here are a few stills and vidcaps from the film.



Nicholas Medina & Francis Barnard in Elizabeth's room
Dr. Leon, Catherine Medina and Francis hear about Elizabeth
You know, this is really pretty horrific when you think about it.



Francis Barnard at Castle Medina
Nicholas Medina, Francis & Catherine Medina
At Elizabeth's tomb
Catherine & Francis on the balcony
Look out for the hand!
Disgusted Francis
Francis: "The key, sir!"
Confused Nicholas
No comment
Accusing Nicholas
Francis & Catherine
Nicholas tries to figure it out 
Catherine seeing Elizabeth's exhumed body
Francis seeing his sister's body
Nicholas hears Elizabeth
Nicholas over the edge
Elizabeth engineers her own doom
Dr. Leon, Elizabeth & crazed Nicholas
"Sebastian" takes his revenge
Francis sees the pendulum
The torturer enjoying his work
Seeing Nicholas' body in the pit